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Connector -Metal housing parts

Connector -Pin, socket and sleeve parts

Light guide arm, laser conduction series

Medical device parts

Unmanned aerial vehicle and model airplane parts

Electrical switch parts

About Us Specializing in the production of various alloy copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel and other precision hardware.

Best Metal Products Co., Ltd. (Dong Guan) was established in March 2000. Since the start, our company has imported ISO management mode and advanced professional production technology to carry out strict and high quality production. Through the tireless efforts of all staff, our company has now 56 sets of advanced BNC CNC lathes...

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Brief discussion on the future development of lath...

As an indispensable equipment in the field of precision machining, let’s have a look together on the future development of precision lathe machining At present,...

What are the characteristics of laser conduction o...

The current advanced material processing methods for light guide arm laser conduction, and processing technologies such as laser cutting, welding, marking, surf...

Manufacturing method for laser conduction type of ...

Light guide arm laser conduction type processing equipment generally uses light guide arm to conduct the laser. In order to expand the moving range of laser pro...



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