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Brief discussion on the future development of lathe in machining industry

As an indispensable equipment in the field of precision machining, let’s have a look together on the

As an indispensable equipment in the field of precision machining, let’s have a look together on the future development of precision lathe machining At present, the development of automated CNC lathes has been changing with each passing day. High-speed, high-precision, complex, intelligent, open, parallel driven, networked, extreme, and green CNC lathe has become the development trend and direction. As a major manufacturing country, China mainly relies on its comparative advantages in labor, price and resources, but still has big gap on technological innovation and independent development of products with foreign counterparts. China cannot be content with the status quo of its CNC industry, but shall seize the opportunity for continuous development, strive to develop its own advanced technology, increase technical innovation and talent training, improve the comprehensive service capabilities of enterprises, and strive to narrow the gap with developed countries. China shall strive to realize the transformation of CNC machine tool products from low-end to high-end, from primary product processing to high-grade, precision and advanced product manufacturing as soon as possible, and realize the transformation from Chinese manufacturing to Chinese creation, from a major manufacturing country to a powerful manufacturing country. 



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