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  Best Metal Products Co., Ltd.(Dong Guan) was established in March 2000. Since the establishment,  the company has implemented  the ISO system and advanced production technology to execute the strict and high quality production. Through the continuous efforts,the company has build 56 sets of advanced BNC CNC system, CNC automatic machining centers and  necessary peripheral equipment imported from Japan, and more than 50 sets of automatic lathes,cable cutting, surface grinding,centerless grinder,punching machine, milling machine, gongs bed, tooth taking machine, and drilling machine. With more than 100 sets of processing equipment such as tooth rubbing machine, tooth rolling machine, flower rubbing machine,linear machine, grinding machine, polishing machine and so on.


  In addition,the Company has established the testing system that includes : 2.5-dimensional instrument, projector, parallel instrument, concentric instrument, depth gauge, height gauge, length measuring instrument,smooth tester, tool microscope, hardness tester and roughness tester as well as various ring gauge, needle gauge, tooth gauge, micrometer and other advanced detection equipment.

  Best Metal Products Co., Ltd.(Dong Guan) has been focusing on precision machining and manufacturing for over twenty years with detailed experiences in various materials such as alloy copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel with high precision level .For example, the machining tolerance could be controlled within ±0.005 with diameter of 1MM-80MM, and or length of 1MM-600MM.The company has been collaborating with the customers in the industrial, new energy electric vehicle, medical equipment,laser delivery guide, UAV model airplane, electrical switch, and so on. In 2017, the company was honored as "Chinese Quality and Integrity Trust Enterprise".


  The compmany’s mission is to provide all customer the best quality product and solutions with continuous improvement in technology and quality assurance, with respect to the environment protection, and sustainable development.




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U.S. office Tel: (001) 408 888 6566

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